Norwegian Fjord Horse Experience

Summer's Here! Time for a Fjord Horse Experience
North House Instructor Philis Anderson has lived on Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail for 51 years, and during that time there’s been a lot of horsing around—fjord horsing, that is. For 30 years Philis has worked with Norwegian Fjord Horses, a breed of working horse from Western Norway. Want to meet one? Through our Norwegian Fjord Horse Experience class you’ll get to know the horses, as well as Philis herself. During the class Philis offers two-hour lessons on any combination of the following: grooming the horses, learning to put on a harness, driving the horses by walking behind them and learning to steer, and going for a wagon ride on trails through 160 wooded acres.

Bob Janssen and Chel Anderson to Speak at Northern Landscapes Festival

Presentation with Bob Janssen 
at Northern Landscapes Festival
At this year’s Northern Landscapes Festival, renowned birder, Bob Janssen, will be speaking on Saturday, May 30, about his latest book, Birds of Minnesota State Parks. Come prepared with questions for Bob as he loves to answer them! When asked how he got into birding, Bob says it happened when he was five years old and he saw his first Meadowlark while learning how to ride a bike. Since that moment his passion for birds took flight. Bob will share his favorite places to go birding--and no, his wife does not go birding with him often, but she will accompany him on any trip up to Grand Marais.


Inside Look: Campus life

As Easter Sunday arrives and passes, and the sun rises earlier and higher, we have a rare weekend on campus: our buildings are empty and quiet, there will be no weekend potluck, and we won’t be giving any “Welcome to North House!” talks.  We happen to have a weekend without any classes.

Top photo: March 13
Bottom photo: March 29
To appreciate how unusual this is, hop on over to our online course calendar and scroll through the months. A weekend at North House without courses is like a 60 degree day in Grand Marais in April – you just don't see it real often.
Speaking of weather in Grand Marais, here’s an update: yesterday was 50 degrees on the lake shore, which felt positively balmy and must have been the warmest day so far in 2015. We have had the classic, unpredictable spring weather, including a few snow flurries after the snow melted, but for the most part it has been a dry, sunny spring so far.


What does an intern do?

My name is Caleb Mattison and I'll be your resident blogger here at North House for the rest of the year.

As one of the four new interns at North House, I often hear something like this: “so, what exactly does an intern do?”  I find it hard to answer that thoroughly in one sentence, so I thought I would use my first blog post to do some enlightening, since there is no sentence limit!

The "Intern Loft"
Our internship started in February and ends around Thanksgiving.  We live on the harbor in a beautiful timber-framed apartment that might be some of the best real estate in Grand Marais. The school gives us a monthly class stipend that we can spend on whichever classes are most exciting to us.


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