Inside Look: Campus life

As Easter Sunday arrives and passes, and the sun rises earlier and higher, we have a rare weekend on campus: our buildings are empty and quiet, there will be no weekend potluck, and we won’t be giving any “Welcome to North House!” talks.  We happen to have a weekend without any classes.

Top photo: March 13
Bottom photo: March 29
To appreciate how unusual this is, hop on over to our online course calendar and scroll through the months. A weekend at North House without courses is like a 60 degree day in Grand Marais in April – you just don't see it real often.
Speaking of weather in Grand Marais, here’s an update: yesterday was 50 degrees on the lake shore, which felt positively balmy and must have been the warmest day so far in 2015. We have had the classic, unpredictable spring weather, including a few snow flurries after the snow melted, but for the most part it has been a dry, sunny spring so far.
Anyway, this quiet weekend at North House has me thinking about our space here at North House: how we use it, and how full and busy things are here.

For the number of classes that we hold, we are a small campus.  We have 4 classroom buildings with space for around 7 classes to happen simultaneously.  Our classes are from 1-14 days long, with classes averaging 2-3 days each.  When a class ends, let's say on a Sunday evening, that same classroom space has to be cleaned, reorganized and prepped for a class that might start on Wednesday morning. It might be a very different class with completely different needs. In March, we transformed our milling shop from a silversmithing studio into a door-building shop. That meant moving all the jewelry equipment out, dismantling tables, rearranging power tools, and sprinkling sawdust in key places (to help the incoming woodworkers feel at home).

This is a North House staple - a little task we like to call a "flip", when we "flip" a classroom into a new version of itself. It is constantly happening and takes many hands - interns, staff, and our weekly work study volunteers - thanks to all you helpful people!

To give you a sense of the variety and frequency of our classroom use, here's a series of photos documenting what all was in our campus kitchen in an eight day stretch during mid-March (yes, I said eight days):

A yurt cover being sewn
A milk painting class

Carving a spatula

Old-fashioned soapmaking

I wonder if our kitchen is ever confused...

One of the only classes on campus this week was the Wood
Canvas Canoe class. Brothers Buck and Tom built this beautiful
boat under the guidance of instructor Jeanne.
It also takes a lot of planning behind the scenes to coordinate this ever-changing landscape.  It could be chaos, but it is far from it.  Kudos to Matt and Jessa, our programming team, for all the energy they put into keeping things sailing straight!

Speaking of sailing, I'm happy to say the Hjordis survived the winter in the severe Lake Superior water, and today she sits in a harbor that is fully ice-free!

Goodbye ice, hello geese.
So, we will appreciate this slow weekend here, thinking about what is coming, working on projects that might otherwise be put on the back burner, and anticipating the next group of eager students that will soon fill our classes with learning and laughter.


What does an intern do?

My name is Caleb Mattison and I'll be your resident blogger here at North House for the rest of the year.

As one of the four new interns at North House, I often hear something like this: “so, what exactly does an intern do?”  I find it hard to answer that thoroughly in one sentence, so I thought I would use my first blog post to do some enlightening, since there is no sentence limit!

The "Intern Loft"
Our internship started in February and ends around Thanksgiving.  We live on the harbor in a beautiful timber-framed apartment that might be some of the best real estate in Grand Marais. The school gives us a monthly class stipend that we can spend on whichever classes are most exciting to us.

In exchange, we put in a full work week doing whatever needs doing.  We help set-up and clean-up classes, shovel snow, make soup or pizza for student potlucks, answer phones and check students in, and work with the staff on administrative projects. 
Wetsuit, goggles, life jackets? Check.
It was a howler out there
And, there are always those interesting days at North House when we will be doing something totally out of the ordinary.  During a particularly cold stretch of arctic weather in February the temperature was around -10 degrees and there was a 30 mph wind off the lake. This would normally be just fine and dandy for us northern folk, but the bubblers that prevent ice buildup around the Hjordis (our sailing schooner) were having trouble keeping up.  The ice was creeping close to the propeller and threatened disaster.  Fellow intern Martha and I joined Russ, our facility manager, on the dock to chop chunks of ice off the hull of the boat to protect the rudder and hull. We couldn’t reach out far enough from the dock, so we laid a plank out, climbed onto the deck of the boat, and hung over the railings with poles, yelling at each other over the howling wind and chopping away until some big chunks gave way. No one fell in the lake and the boat was saved. Success!

Team Intern with John after finishing the new stools!
We have all spent a lot of time in classes already.  As a group, the interns made Crooked Knives with Jarrod Stone-Dahl (now we could go into the woods with nothing more than our crooked knife and an axe and fashion a pair of snowshoe frames), and we took a Windsor stool class with John Beltman (if you need to take a load off, our colorful stools can be found in the campus kitchen).

Ben shapes his stool seat
Erin sewing a moccasin
Individually, we have taken classes ranging from jewelry-making and boat-building, to axe and knife skills and nuno felting. I’m looking forward to upcoming basketry and meat preservation classes. What an opportunity for us to meet lots of instructors, observe teaching styles, and learn new crafting skills!

Intern crew and staff checking out Caribou Lake 
We have also explored and adventured around the Grand Marais area, getting to know this beautiful corner of Minnesota that we now call home.  I have hiked up a few local frozen rivers, been skiing at Pincushion and Washington Pines, ridden on the back of a dogsled, and the whole intern crew is helping a local couple tap their maple trees and boil their sap. There is never a dull day up here! 

Looking ahead, the internship will also include developing our skills as teachers and facilitators; we will teach mini-courses, demonstrate crafting skills, and by the end of the year we will complete a culminating project in an area of interest.

For me, one of the most interesting parts of being an intern (intern-esting?!) is seeing so many different crafts as they pass through the school.  I am excited to learn about what is possible to make, and to see the crafts as they take shape in front of my eyes. I anticipate seeing how many ways I can incorporate northern craft into my daily life and needs. This year is about experimentation and curiosity. I am excited to have the opportunity to meet the instructors, many of whom are experts in their obscure art, and the students who come here to learn from them.

Martha, Caleb, Ben and Erin
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates on the intern crew as our year progresses, and for more postings about life at North House!


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